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Michael Moore - Show Dates  
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It’s the 84th Birthday Celebration Year for Willie Nelson. Thirty nine years since Stardust hit the charts, and the popularity for this American music icon continues to grow. Celebrated in every corridor of music across this country, no artist is more recognized in the United State than Willie Nelson. The acclaimed unofficial ambassador to the world of country music, Willie is accepted by all folks in all walks of life and loved by millions worldwide.

Michael Moore was born and raised in McKinney, Texas. His passion for Willies's music came at an early age. "I can remember hearing his music coming out of my grandmother's old AM radio," and even then Michael knew that there was something unique about Willie Nelson. Nelson's voice and unusual style of phrasing are hard to match. Through many years of study and about a million "Whiskey Rivers" later, Moore's ability to capture" the country music legend's voice and style are considered by many to be the best in the world. Michael is also an accomplished guitar player and performs all of the guitar parts played by Nelson in his shows. When asked what kind of music he likes, Moore said, "Everything from The Carpenters to Metallica." Michael has performed his Willie tribute show throughout the USA as a solo artist and also with several top tribute shows including Cavalcade Of Stars, Mirror Image, Memories Theatre and Superstars Live in Concert, a BC Entertainment, Inc. production.

No other single individual has been as closely identified with Willie Nelson as Waylon Jennings. Their emergence as the The Outlaws of country music identified the progressive renegade country movement and it’s break from the traditional Nashville music stereotype that opened the door for decades of adventures beyond the mainstream of country music. With a home base in Austin, Willie and Waylon (and the Boys) captured the imagination of the nation and set the course for today’s expanding country music scene.

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